Set random seed for future assignment

fassignment %seed% seed



The future assignment, e.g. x %<-% { expr }.


(optional) If TRUE, the random seed, that is, the state of the random number generator (RNG) will be set such that statistically sound random numbers are produced (also during parallelization). If FALSE (default), it is assumed that the future expression does neither need nor use random numbers generation. To use a fixed random seed, specify a L'Ecuyer-CMRG seed (seven integer) or a regular RNG seed (a single integer). If the latter, then a L'Ecuyer-CMRG seed will be automatically created based on the given seed. Furthermore, if FALSE, then the future will be monitored to make sure it does not use random numbers. If it does and depending on the value of option future.rng.onMisuse, the check is ignored, an informative warning, or error will be produced. If seed is NULL, then the effect is as with seed = FALSE but without the RNG check being performed.