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Back trace the expressions evaluated when an error was caught


Create a cluster future whose value will be resolved asynchronously in a parallel process


Export globals to the sticky-globals environment of the cluster nodes

future() futureAssign() `%<-%` futureCall()

Create a future

future.options future.cmdargs .future.R future.startup.script R_FUTURE_STARTUP_SCRIPT future.debug R_FUTURE_DEBUG future.demo.mandelbrot.region R_FUTURE_DEMO_MANDELBROT_REGION future.demo.mandelbrot.nrow R_FUTURE_DEMO_MANDELBROT_NROW future.fork.multithreading.enable R_FUTURE_FORK_MULTITHREADING_ENABLE future.globals.maxSize R_FUTURE_GLOBALS_MAXSIZE future.globals.method R_FUTURE_GLOBALS_METHOD future.globals.onMissing R_FUTURE_GLOBALS_ONMISSING future.globals.resolve R_FUTURE_GLOBALS_RESOLVE future.globals.onReference R_FUTURE_GLOBALS_ONREFERENCE future.plan R_FUTURE_PLAN future.onFutureCondition.keepFuture R_FUTURE_ONFUTURECONDITION_KEEPFUTURE future.resolve.recursive R_FUTURE_RESOLVE_RECURSIVE future.globalenv.onMisuse R_FUTURE_GLOBALENV_ONMISUSE future.rng.onMisuse R_FUTURE_RNG_ONMISUSE future.wait.alpha R_FUTURE_WAIT_ALPHA future.wait.interval R_FUTURE_WAIT_INTERVAL future.wait.timeout R_FUTURE_WAIT_TIMEOUT R_FUTURE_RESOLVED_TIMEOUT R_FUTURE_OUTPUT_WINDOWS_REENCODE future.journal R_FUTURE_JOURNAL

Options used for futures


Get the future of a future variable


Get future-specific session information and validate current backend


Get all futures in a container


Control whether standard output should be captured or not

`%globals%` `%packages%`

Specify globals and packages for a future assignment


Specify label for a future assignment


Control lazy / eager evaluation for a future assignment


Use a specific plan for a future assignment


Set random seed for future assignment


Control whether standard output should be captured or not


Temporarily tweaks the arguments of the current strategy


Create a multicore future whose value will be resolved asynchronously in a forked parallel process


Create a multisession future whose value will be resolved asynchronously in a parallel R session

nbrOfWorkers() nbrOfFreeWorkers()

Get the number of workers available


Plan how to resolve a future

re-exports as.cluster autoStopCluster availableCores availableWorkers makeClusterMPI makeClusterPSOCK makeNodePSOCK supportsMulticore

Functions Moved to 'parallelly'


Resolve one or more futures synchronously


Check whether a future is resolved or not


Create a sequential future whose value will be in the current R session


Tweak a future function by adjusting its default arguments


The value of a future or the values of all elements in a container